The Fort Collins Moving Company You Can Trust

It’s no exaggeration when describing Fort Collins, CO, to call it a fantastic place to live. Voted “best place to live” more than once, you can find Fort Collins about 60 miles north of Denver. In fact, Fort Collins has reached 4th places in the best mid-sized cities.

A visit to Fort Collins will reveal a gorgeous outdoor atmosphere. With a vast array of boutiques and small restaurants, there is something for everyone. You will also find a vibrant nightlife scene.

It’s no wonder more and more find themselves moving to Fort Collins. If you’re considering making the move, you likely won’t regret your new home! But before you arrive, you do have to choose how to get there. Will you make the move on your own? Or will you hire a fort collins moving company?

Find a Moving Company in Fort Collins

The fastest way to find one is to Google it. After all, it’s not a complicated process. Or is it? If you do search in Google for a moving company, you’re likely going to find several results. Some will have reviews and some won’t. Others will have a nice website while some don’t. So how do you know who to hire?

You could pick up the phone and call all the moving companies in Fort Collins to get pricing and details. That’s a good start but how do you make a decision? After all, the moving company that you choose will be in charge of moving your possessions.

Choosing the right Moving Company

Moving is a hassle. The purpose of hiring a moving company in Fort Collins is to end as much hassle as possible. To do this, it is important to know what sets these companies apart. How they charge their rates and their reviews are two great places to start.

For example, some moving companies in Fort Collins charge a low, hourly rate. This seems appealing to many. But be sure to ask about “special items” fees, fuel charges, staircase charges, and trip charges. A “special item” is anything that isn’t standard furniture or a box. So, for example, a baby stroller or a faux tree would incur this fee. A fuel charge would mean, at the end of your move, that an unexpected fee will be on the bill. In any case, the most important thing to do is ask all the questions you can. Ask the company to disclose all fees in writing.

Reviews are another great way to choose a company. Be wary though as customers are quick to leave a negative review. Whereas a positive experience is less likely to receive recognition.

Make your move

Fort Collins is a fantastic place to live in. If you have decided to make the move, you will find a vast world of culture and opportunity. Consider the above when searching for a moving company in Fort Collins. A good choice will mean the difference between a smooth move and a rocky one.


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