4 Moving Tips

4 Packing Mistakes to Avoid when Moving

Moving; it’s a dreaded chore by nearly every person in every move. Buying a new home can be very exciting. The upcoming physical labor of packing and moving all your belongings isn’t. Avoid some of these mistakes during packing to help ensure the smooth moving.

1. Procrastination

As with most things in life, procrastination is the precursor to problems. Putting off packing until the “last minute” is a sure-fire way to wind up with broken or lost belongings. Reduce some of the stress of moving and pack as soon as you can.
Use this time to declutter your items. If you haven’t seen or used an item in two years, it’s time to toss it. Don’t pack it up and carry the clutter to your new home.
If you’re selling your current home, begin packing your personal items. This will open up your home and improve the staging process for potential buyers.

2. Labeling – Or a lack of it

Packing is a pain. We all know it. There is little worse than being unable to find something in one hundred boxes and half are not labeled. This can lead to the need to buy something you already own because you need it and it’s packed.
Each box should have a label with its destination room and category (books, dishes, etc). Use large labels or colored tape to quickly identify where a box should go. Then you can make a quick glance at the boxes to find what you need when you need it.

3. Skimping on the Padding

You can never use too much padding or wrapping. You don’t have to buy expensive bubble-wrap. Simple newspaper can do the same job if you are not making a long-distance move. For fragile items, use newspaper and then wrap the items in a small hand towel, if possible.
You can also use common household items such as a t-shirt, sweater, shredded paper, etc.

4. Packing up Essentials

This can go back to #2. Packing up essentials means you won’t have every-day items accessible. This can lead to having to buy them again rather than try to find them. Either way, it causes a waste of time or money.
During the packing process, each family member should pack a suitcase or overnight bag. In them, include daily items such as toiletries and essentials.
This also protects you from delays or accidents or being too tired to unpack when you arrive at your new home. Involve children if it’s age-appropriate being sure to check what they have packed. It never hurts to include a few favorite toys in their bags as well.
Other items to consider include:
a shower curtain
toilet paper
paper plates, cups and plasticware
Moving is stressful both physically and mentally. When you avoid these common mistakes, you can help ensure your move is less stressful. You will have an easier time settling in and unpacking which means more time to enjoy your new home!


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