5 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Move

It’s time to move and, no matter which way you do it, it’s going to cost money. With all the expenses you’re likely already paying, it would be nice to find ways to save where you can. These 5 steps can help you save money and time on your next move!

Don’t DIY your move.

If you called movers, you know they aren’t going to be cheap. You may be considering renting a truck and doing it yourself. After all, it’s lifting boxes and furniture. How hard can it be? Resist this line of thinking. The truth is that, while moving isn’t complicated, it is hard. It requires hours of back-breaking lifting. If you don’t have a large enough truck, it means trips back and forth. And each trip will make you a little more tired than the last. Before you know it, it’s dark and you’re tired and you’re still not done. Calculating mileage charges, gas and your time, it would be faster and easier to hire local movers. They have the equipment and manpower to get it done. This means you can spend time unpacking and getting settled.

Declutter before you pack.

The complicated part of moving comes down to the number of items you have to move. As you’re packing your belongings, take a good look at each item. If you haven’t worn that sweater since who-knows-when, then consider donating it. If you find whatnots with no sentimental value, consider donating those too. Don’t throw items into boxes with the intention of sorting it when you unpack. The time to declutter is before packing. Not only will you save money on boxes, but you will also save time on loading and unloading.

Have a yard sale

After you’ve decluttered and if you have the time, consider a yard sale. It’s a great way to make some extra cash and help others. What you don’t sell, you can still donate.

Save on packing supplies

It is possible to find moving boxes for free. Check your local grocery or supermarket during stocking times. Generally, they wont mind if you take the boxes but always ask first. Packing peanuts and bubble wrap are very effective but expensive. You can substitute them with newspaper. Boxing tape is another expense and you can save money by checking your local warehouse store. This is an item you will want in bulk. You will want to have enough tape on hand so you aren’t rationing it on sealing boxes.

Turn off the utilities

Many people forget to do this before the next month’s billing cycle. Make sure you’ve set all utilities to cancel the day of or after your move. It is always good to give yourself a couple days of electricity. If you need to do any cleaning or repairs, you’re going to want power. Most companies will allow you to set a date to cancel the services.

Moving is hard work and it’s stressful. But it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are ways to save on your next move. These steps are a few basic ways.


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