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7 Moving Tips to Speed up the Process

Moving day; synonymous with words like dread, stressful and hectic. The very idea of loading all the boxes and furniture is almost enough to make you reconsider and stay put! Moving is hard work. It’s one of those facets of life that every individual has experienced and will likely do more than once. These 7 moving tips can help.
When it’s time to make a move, there are some simple things you can do to reduce the pain of the process. Proper planning in advance can make all the difference.
Reduce Clutter – Clean out the clutter with a pre-move yard sale. It’s an extra step and not everyone enjoys hosting a yard sale. But clutter is one of those things that will cost you a lot of time. It may be tempting to toss it all into a box and “deal with it later” but that’s one more box you’ll have to move come moving day. Why not clear it out now and make a couple bucks to put in your pocket? Place unwanted items in the corner of a room as you pack. When you’re done, you can haul it all outside and sell it. What you don’t sell, donate.
Clean and Go – Clean the rooms as you’re packing them up. Cleaning an empty room is much easier than trying to clean one full of boxes and belongings. Keep a bucket with your cleaning supplies with you. After you’ve packed a room, give it a good scrubbing and vacuum. When you’re done, close the door to keep clutter from gravitating back to it.
Color Coding – Black marker on brown boxes is easy to miss and mix up. Save yourself the pain of carrying boxes back and forth from the wrong room. Grab some colored tape and dedicate one color to each room. When you begin unloading, it will be easier to know which box to take to which room by seeing the colors. Be careful not to lose your color coding chart!
Bring in help – If you’re doing the move on your own, call in your friends. Be sure to provide some snacks, drinks and even a pizza. The more people you have to help you, the faster the move will go. If enlisting friends or family isn’t an option, consider hiring a moving company.
Pack in Reverse – Take the layout of your new home into consideration when you are packing. Load boxes that will go in the back of your new home should first. Load your furniture last. It’s the heaviest and biggest so it’s best to get it out first at your new home.
Start early – Moving in the morning is a great way to beat lunch or rush hour traffic. The less time you spend on the road means the more time you spend moving. During peak hours like lunch, spend some time unpacking or organizing your new home. You can always go back to moving after traffic hours if needed.
Essentials bag – Nothing is more frustrating than an important item and it’s packed in a box. Save yourself this headache and pack a bag. Pack your daily toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste and soaps. This will keep you from having to dig through boxes when you’re tired.
Moving is rarely a fun process but when you plan in advance, it can be an easy process. These 7 tips can help you move quickly and efficiently, while saving you stress and frustration.


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