7 Things to Know about Moving to Fort Collins

Ranked as one of the best places to live more than once, Fort Collins is growing year after year. At first glance, it’s easy to lose yourself in its small-town atmosphere. But before long, you will take notice of all the small town has to offer. Locals enjoy access to the award-winning university CSU, bustling shops, breweries and more. It’s no surprise more and more people are moving to Fort Collins each year.

We’ve gathered some convincing reasons why you should consider moving to Fort Collins. With it’s growing housing market and local events, it is a great place to call home.

1. It’s a great town and the numbers prove it

Making the “best places to live” lists since 2015, Fort Collins is a magical town. The thriving community and vast amenities make the town an exceptional place to live. Therefore, with more people moving to Fort Collins, more diversity and opportunities arise.

2. Quality education for everyone

You will find Colorado State University located in the heart of Fort Collins. But for younger students, Fort Collins has high-ranking public and charter schools. Also, the median income for families is $100,000. But that’s not all. A local museum, indoor play areas and several parks make Fort Collins the city for families.

3. Growing housing market

With more people moving to Fort Collins, the demand for housing has increased. As a result, it is not hard to find quality homes and apartments under construction every few blocks. Homes in Fort Collins have continued to appreciate in value. This increase has not overwhelmed the city. A short drive makes the difference between a busting apartment near a mall and an acreage home.

4. Not too far from Denver

A commute on I25 means you can be in Denver in no time. Consequently, many who move to Fort Collins keep a job in Denver. This allows them to enjoy the lower cost of living while keeping their current job.

5. The great outdoors

Along with the community, Fort Collins has a rich outdoor scene. Residents can find hiking, biking, rock climbing, kayaking, camping and more all in one town. Furthermore, Fort Collins hosts dozens of marathons each year. When moving to Fort Collins, you may change more than your location! An active lifestyle is a healthy one.

6. Did someone say free entertainment

Summer brings warmer weather and a plethora of outdoor free entertainment! Concert events, car shows, food tastings, and more come each year. And while the events may slow down in colder weather, they do not stop. There is almost always something to do in Fort Collins!

7. Always growing

Above all, Fort Collins is not only growing in population. The expansion and growth includes business and jobs. With more small business moving to Fort Collins, fulfilling jobs are more available. Larger business are also moving to Fort Collins. With them come job opportunities and community events!

Ready to Move?

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7 Things to Know about Moving to Fort Collins
Moving to Fort Collins brings you one step closer to paradise! With a bustling and growing community, a rich culture and active outdoors, Fort Collins is consistently ranked one of the best places to live.


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