How to get free moving boxes

How to get free moving boxes

How to get free moving boxes

It’s time to move and you need boxes, it’s inevitable. You can go to Home Depot, Lowes, the Storage place or many places and buy them which can cost hundreds of dollars. But why? As soon as you’re done and, if they aren’t in perfect condition for the buyback program if the store has that option, they are worthless. You could store them for YEARS until you or someone in your family needs them, you could post on Craigslist to try to sell them or give them for free or some other type of local website like Nextdoor.

Or you can simply get all you need for free.

How the knowledgeable people get FREE moving boxes

There are a couple of ways you can get free boxes. First, you could post on Craigslist, but who wants to do this? Craigslist can be like taking your life in your hands, it can be dangerous or there’s the smart way. Simply go to your local store such as Walmart when they are stocking and ask for their boxes, explain you are moving and be polite, respectful and kind. You can ask ahead from a manager or you can do a surprise attack mission. Both will typically always net your basket loads of boxes in all shapes and sizes.



  • Don’t make a nuisance of yourself. Be polite, kind and respectful to everyone as you take your fill of free boxes.
  • Be careful if you go alone at night
  • Plan ahead find out when they store closes or if it’s 24 hour store. Find out when they will be stocking. Boxes take a bit to accumulate as they stock they store’s shelves.


  • FREE
  • FREE
  • FREE


  • Free boxes can come in very odd shapes, but if your smart during your picking/loading you can get the sizes you need
  • Some stores might not want to give them as they recycle them and make money
  • Some stores might limit how much they will give you


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