How to move with kids

How to move with kids

How to move with kids

You might think, “don’t!” and you’d be right! That is the best way to move. Get a babysitter or a trusted family member to watch them. But sometimes you don’t have access to these options and here is the best way to handle that.

Involve them, simple but effective. Obviously depending on age, this may not work for you. You wouldn’t have your 2-year-old loading boxes. But give them a box and some toys and let them pack and unpack themselves over and over. As with anything, common sense is needed, but kids are super excited to be moving so involve them at the level they can be involved in.

Have older kids? Put them to work, loading and unloading. Make it exciting, don’t project your anxiety onto your kids. Give them some leeway. Allow younger kids to help in their own special way. No matter the age, you can find an inventive way to make them feel part of the move while using their excitement to your benefit age permitting.



  • Don’t take yourself too seriously, don’t make moving any more stressful then it has to be.
  • WATCH your kids, don’t let them go outside by themselves or have access to dangerous tools or areas.


  • Less stressful


  • Depending on age this tip might be useless. Too young and you can’t involve them, only be there for them as they need you.



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