Choose the right movers

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Moving Company

Choose the right movers
5 Tips for Choosing the Right Moving Company
Moving can be stressful but choosing the right moving company shouldn’t be. The right company can make a move smooth and easy. The wrong moving company can lead to disaster. You may consider doing it yourself. It seems smarter; save the money and frustration, especially if you’re moving down the road. But this all-too-often leads to unexpected delays and costs. A reputable moving company has the skills and equipment to ensure a smooth and timely move. Nonetheless, not all moving companies are equal. The following tips can help ensure you choose the right one.

1. Do your research on each moving company

This seems like a no-brainer but not everyone researches a moving company. Many are then left frustrated or, worse, left with broken items and a high bill. The first place to start is recommendations from friends and neighbors. You’ll hear the good and the bad. Often, you will find it is the local moving company that provides the better experience. Don’t limit yourself to nationwide companies.
After speaking with your trusted advisors, go online. Google “your-city movers” and be sure to replace “your-city” with your actual city. Use Google to look at the reviews from others. Take note of how many people have reviewed the company and the types of reviews left. Keep in mind, most people leave complaints whereas few leave compliments.
Make a list of your top 3-5 movers for consideration. This company will be handling your every possession. You’ll want to make sure you’ve done your homework and can trust them.

2. Consider costs

Most moving companies will provide you with a calculator to get an estimate on the cost of your move will cost. Keep in mind this is an estimate and is rarely 100% accurate. But, this will give you a general idea. Some companies will come out in person and give you an estimate. Other companies charge by the hour. There are pros and cons to the different pricing techniques.
For example, an online estimator will only consider items listed. If you have more boxes or forgot about an extra couch, you’re likely going to see a penalty fee.
In-person estimates are a great way for an experienced mover to get a general idea of the costs. They are usually able to give you a flat-rate for the cost of your move. While this is more convenient, it may not be the less expensive option when choosing the right movers.
The third option for costs when choosing the right mover is one that charges an hourly rate. Generally, there is a flat, hourly rate which includes the movers and the truck. If time if of the essence, you can add more movers and the cost will increase.
There may be extra costs for mileage, gas, or insurance. Be sure to ask each company as you’re collecting your quotes.

3. Insure Your Possessions

You likely have homeowners or even renters insurance to protect your belongings. Most of these policies do not include transportation of the possessions. This means the policy does not cover damages or losses to your items during the move. Many moving companies will offer an insurance option for an extra cost. If they don’t, check with your current insurance provider. They will likely be able to offer a recommendation

4. Ask for the Contract

When choosing your moving company, the will provide you with a contract. This contract should outline the terms of the move. It will include the what is being moved, where it’s going and the total cost of the move if it is not an hourly rate. The purpose is to provide terms to protect both parties. You will also find it includes clauses on liability, claims, and extra charges. If you aren’t sure about something, be sure to ask.

5. Be Prepared

The best way to ensure a quick and seamless move is to have everything ready. It’s never too soon to begin prepping your belongings. If possible, move all your boxes and items you can carry into one area. Clear and empty any furniture. When possible, move all the furniture to the same place.
If you’ve labeled or color-coded your boxes, be sure to place them together. Then, be sure to communicate what goes where with your movers. The better prepared and more you communicate, the faster and easier your move will go.
Using the above tips can help you choose the right movers. Moving is already a stressful event. Having the right moving company can help ease as much of that stress as possible. The wrong moving company can leave you with higher bills, an unfinished move or worse.


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